Membership Info

Augusta Buffalo Soldier Membership Requirements

A candidate expressing membership into the Augusta Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club must meet the following criteria for “consideration” for one of two membership statuses: Full Member or Associate Member.

1. Be referred by a “Existing Full Member” of the club in good standing; (see definition of good standing).

2. Submit letter of interest to Club House Address.

3. Complete membership application.

4. Complete background information screening application.

5. Own a motorcycle of at least 750 cc’s.

6. Show proof of Class M license and be properly insured to operate a motorcycle in the State of Georgia.

7. Complete a prospect period of 3-6 months; a probationary period of 6-9 months and log 3500-mile ride on own motorcycle through group sanctioned rides.

8. Be “voted n” by a majority of club members.

9. Attend regularly scheduled monthly club meetings.

10. Pay club annual dues.

11. Support organization local events and functions (Mandatory events – Club Annual Fall Dance (held in September) & Annual Martin Luther King Event (held in January.)

12. Be willing to travel to other organization chapter events: out of town and out of state.

13. Submit to felony background check.

14. Give at least 2 references of active community service within the last year of dated application (see exception).


1. Be referred and sponsored by an active “Existing Full Member” of the club in good standing; (see definition of good standing).

2. Be a family member, significant other, or friend of an “existing full member”.

3. Be an active volunteer in his/her community and provide at least one reference of volunteer community service performed within 3 years of dated application.

4. Attend a minimum of 6 club monthly meetings annually.

5. Support organizations’ 2 mandatory annual events: Club Annual Fall Dance, held in September and Club’s Annual Martin Luther King Event, held in January.


A good standing full member is defined as an existing Buffalo Soldier that is in a positive financial annual dues standing and has been a full member for 1 or more years

EXCEPTIONS:  If a candidate is a recently military retiree or recently relocated to the Augusta area, community service references may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Council

A preliminary membership request form is available here, or use our Information Request form to get more information.